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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Clear Corneal Wounds and Wound Suturing


  • To make 4 clear corneal wounds
  • To know about the reverse needle pass 1-1-1 suturing technique
  • To place 8 radial, 10-0 nylon sutures in clear corneal wounds
  • Know the suture and needle type used for clear corneal wounds.
  • Describe the circumstances in which Prolene and Vicryl sutures are used during cataract surgery.




Wound Too Long
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Bulla bulla
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Paracentesis too close
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Conjunctival donut
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First Case Suture
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Horizontal mattress suture
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Side port

Viscoelastic, 27g cannula

Fixation device: ring, 0.12

10-0 nylon/vicryl

Needle Driver

kellman-Mcpherson forceps

0.12 forceps

Tying forceps (optional)

Suggested citation format: Haugsdal J, Kitzmann A, Oetting TA. The Iowa Ophthalmology Wet Laboratory. Updated Posting June 28, 2021. Originally Posted December 6, 2012. Available from

last updated: 07/01/2021